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What To Look For In A Safety Guarding Company

Manufacturing Wins Expert Interview Clip: In this Manufacturing Wins video interview clip, I ask Vadym Hordov, the Marketing Coordinator of Belt Conveyor Guarding, what a person should look for in a guarding company to ensure they have the fundamentals to make a wise choice. Belt Conveyor Guarding makes guards for a wide variety of bulk material handling equipment.

So if you and I were sitting together and we were having a coffee or something more interesting, and I was to ask you what should I look for in a guarding company, what are the key things I should look for before I even consider doing business with a guarding company what would you tell me? Could you give me some examples of some of the things you'd tell me?

Sure. One of the first things I would look for is, exclusive, that the company is exclusively working with guards. That's all they do because sometimes you will find companies who are doing a little bit of guarding a little bit of manufacturing of this and that all the different kinds of stuff, and for me it's not the right approach for safety. 

Secondly, you need a lot of people need to understand that right now with modern technologies and designing/ designer solutions it is absolutely possible to have an ergonomic and maintenance friendly guard. Guards which will not only keep your workers safe, but also save you money on equipment maintenance.

So these would be the main things that I would look into look for in a guarding company.

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