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Recommended Products

Recommended Products 

The following products are used by us at Manufacturing Wins or have been reviewed by us and get our highest recommendation. In some cases we are compensated through affiliate links but this in no way increases your costs.

Try or buy buy with confidence!

Lean Expert Academy

The Lean Expert Academy offers great Lean-related courses to help manufacturers establish and optimize Lean in their companies.

They've put together a great offer consisting of courses, blueprints, workshops, and more you can check out courtesy of Manufacturing Wins. 

Woodpecker Cold Emailing Software

Woodpecker cold emailing software offers high degrees of personalization, A/B testing, intelligent reply detection, and amazing deliverability. We use Woodpecker and it's highly recommended by us. 

The standard free trial is 14 days and 150 emails but we at Manufacturing Wins would like to offer you a 30 day free trial and 500 emails. This will be enough to run a few campaigns to check it out at no cost to you.

Purlem Personalized URL Marketing Campaign Software

Purlem offers the easiest, best, and most affordable way to create direct marketing  campaigns with personalized URLs (PURLs).

Marty Thomas, the founder of Purlem, is offering the Manufacturing Wins community 20% off of any plan for life. He's also offering a free for life trial plan that allows you 10 contacts to try out Purlem and see if it's right for you.

In order to take advantage of these offers you need to contact Marty which you can do by clicking on the blue button on the left.