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Podcast Interview Request

Manufacturing Wins Show Guest Application

Manufacturing Executives

Are you a manufacturing CEO/president, or a senior manufacturing operations, marketing, or sales executive?

Do you have a story to tell about positively transforming your company?

Would you like to help the manufacturing community by sharing your story?

During our 30 minute Manufacturing Wins Show we interview select manufacturing executives who want to tell their story about how they improved efficiencies and profitability in their manufacturing companies.

Vendors, Experts, Authors

Are you a vendor who provides products, services, or software that improve marketing, sales, or operations in manufacturing companies?

Are you an expert with a course or other form of training that improves business or personal performance?

Are you an author with a book that can help manufacturing professionals improve their business or personal performance?

Are you willing to provide our audience of manufacturing professionals with education and tips they can use to improve their operations, marketing, and selling?


We'll schedule a pre-interview to discuss your interview and make sure your audio and video are both ready to go.


We'll interview you to help you bring value to the manufacturing community, increase your exposure, enhance your brand, and generate more opportunities for your company.


We'll promote your interview to our network of manufacturing professionals on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.


We'll send you your video interview and a video clip to promote your video to your network and on your website.

How To Get Started

Please submit the application on this page.

A few days prior to your interview we'll contact you for a pre-interview to go over the details, send you our interview questions, and discuss any things you might want to highlight.

Important: All Manufacturing Wins Show guests must provide solid education for our audience. You'll be given time at the end of the interview for promotion. The best way to look at the interviews is they are 95% solid educational content and 5% promotion (with a great offer at the end of the show for our audience).