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How To Make Lean Manufacturing Sustainable

Manufacturing Wins Expert Interview Clip: In this Manufacturing Wins video interview clip with John Ballis, the president of Lean Your Way, I ask him why so many Lean Manufacturing initiatives fail over the long run. 

John is an author, expert on Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement.

If Lean is such a good approach why do so many companies or how come so many companies are unable to make Lean sustainable?

JB - That that's that's actually my number one fantastic question that I'd like people to ask. Here's why. You know if we take out our wallets we put it on the table at the end of the day each person is measured based on their performance plan.

If inside Lean we're asking people to participate in the elimination of waste, identify waste, do value stream maps, and be part of a team but yet they're not being rewarded on that so the misalignment between lean being sustainable and an individual's performance plan is the number one reason we don't have sustainability.

So we have to get the HR functions on board along with the rest of the organization so that we couple it together and everybody understands part of my job is Lean but it's being on part of a team whether it's within my function or cross-functionally.

I'm required and should be happy to participate to belong to a team to make the industry better or make my company better so they're sustainable so I have a job.

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