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How Manufacturers Can Deal With Low Price Competitors

Manufacturing Wins Educational Video Clip: In this Manufacturing Wins educational video clip, Andrew Shedden, the president of Manufacturing Wins, outlines the first way a manufacturer can put low price competitors in their place. 

How do I avoid getting beaten up on price? How do I avoid losing out to the lowest price providers that always seem to be winning? How do I compete in a market that is super price sensitive?

So my answer to that is simply this.

Firstly, if I had a simple system you could follow that would allow you to win at a higher price on a consistent basis I wouldn't be shooting this video, I  would be in my south seas island talking to Richard Branson. 

However, be that as it may, I can give you some hints and some tips you can use that will increase the probability of you winning a higher number of the RFPs or competitive bid situations that you are getting involved in or alternately just winning against competitors on a more consistent basis.

So the first thing you need to do is this determine who the highest possible level buyer is in your marketplace who has direct influence in the buying process.

One of the reasons you may be getting beaten up on price is that you are trying to sell to purchasing agents on a consistent basis and they fundamentally are interested in price, price, and price. So for example you could start marketing to the plant engineer or you could market to the plant manager so the first thing is determine the highest possible level buyer who has direct influence

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