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How Manufacturers Can Best Use PURLs

Manufacturing Wins Expert Interview Clip: In this Manufacturing Wins video interview clip, I ask Marty Thomas, the founder of Purlem, about whether personalized URLs (PURLS) increase response rates and the importance of the list in direct marketing. 

How do response rates compare using PURLs and not using PURLs? Is there a big bump?

There's not no, there's not a lot. I mean all my competitors may tell you that there is, it's just not something that I've seen. 

It's it's been when PURLs first came out, maybe like a decade ago, they were pushed as something that will increase response rates. And I promoted that as well because I thought that that was the case that ever you see all these case studies saying you know increase 30% response rates using PURLs you know on and on, I've never seen that to be consistently true.

In fact I've seen the opposite as well. I've seen it hurt response rates right in some cases. In general though, response rates you can just plan on response rates remaining exactly the same. so with or without PURLS. Using the same example as before, those same 30 people are going to respond you know with or without the PURL and you know with the PURLs you can see the you know the people that are bouncing out obviously but the same people are responding either way.

Of course there's always times where that's not the case there's there's always times outliers, right, but people that are new to PURLs just a good way to like when you're considering using them just plan on that response rate remaining the same. You could get lucky and see an increase or you can get unlucky and see decrease you know, but yes it's just you know, plan on it remaining the same which is the majority of the time. And that's that's where it is.

So, when you're doing a PURL campaign you're putting a PURL campaign together how does the list affect the response rates and what advice could you offer or tips could you offer about that?

Yeah, I mean the list is nearly everything that's the biggest component the obviously the PURLs I just said their, the PURLs have nothing to do with a response rates, right. The list probably is the biggest factor in increasing response rate or not and it's also the probably the hardest thing to get right.

The best lists are obviously the homegrown ones so I use this example. I had a case study on this you know early on with Purlem, where it was a it was a country club that was throwing an event to its members and they were using a PURL as a means to get the RSVP. So hey a member of the country club go to you know country club dot com slash Andy Sandy White whatever and RSVP yes or no how many people right?

Sandy knows she's a member of the country club she knows who they are so of course the response rate was like 40%. It was just it was unreal for a direct mail campaign right but it was because the people who they was being sent to knew who the senders were right and it was an invite to a free event with cocktails and I mean you know who wouldn't want to go, right? 

So so of course that that's one extreme right is the people that you're sending it to it's a homegrown list the people that you're sending it to know already have a previous relationship with you and that's going to get a higher response rate. You know the flip side of that is like hey I don't have a list of people at all but I'm going to call up my local data broker and say hey I want every company out there that's between 20 and 30 employees that's in industry X and what you know you get a big old list of people to send to they've never heard from you before obviously response rate is going to suffer you know.

You know you can try to target it you know if people don't know you you can try to target it get creative with, you know, but it's it's not if you don't have a homegrown list or the people that you're sending it to aren't familiar with you it's your response rates are gonna be very very low.

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