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How I Got Started In Custom Machining

Manufacturing Wins CEO Interview Clip: In this Manufacturing Wins video interview clip, I ask Don Reynolds, president of Reynolds Custom Machine, how he got started in the custom machining business, what the main obstacles were, and how he overcame them.

Right now I'd like to shift gears a little bit and maybe get into a little bit of your personal story how you got started out etc. So my first question for you is why did you get into the machining business?

All right, well many many years ago I took the trade and I really enjoyed the trade and I worked in the trade for approximately five years after taking my apprenticeship and then I was offered some opportunities to to move up the ladder so I became a shop supervisor. I went and upgraded my education then I became a plant manager.

As the years went on I became the general manager of the whole shop so I was in touch with all the different customers and engineers and and working all the different facets of the business. I really enjoyed the the troubleshooting part of it so I was basically doing everything possible for that company and I decided why not do this on my own. So that's when we took the plunge and and started in business in 1992.

So Don, what were some of the main obstacles you encountered or that you had to overcome when starting and growing Reynolds? So these could be in terms of production, marketing or sales.   

I think one of the biggest was the you know financing such an asset-rich business you know it takes ongoing investment into technology. Another one was we we just kept outgrowing our facilities as we grew. So I would say that our our marketing was not a problem. You know word of mouth really established my reputation so we were always kind of busting up the seams and growing. It was a good problem to have.

Right okay, that's okay. And how did you overcome these obstacles?

Well I can think back, mortgaging the house you know, borrowing from relatives, taking on new leases, and moving location after location finally in the end we were able to build our own plant.

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