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Selling Without A Presentation

  You may have heard the old saying “least said soonest mended”. This was a favourite saying of my Aunt Mary, a no nonsense Scot, who was the world’s greatest scone maker, amazingly hardheaded, and eminently practical. She had a few other sayings that were much more colourful than the one I just mentioned, but […]

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Getting In More Offices

Industrial marketing continues to undergo radical change. If you feel you have industrial marketing mastered in your company then give it a few months and you will soon find yourself baffled by the next thing. Once you are following the rules of the industrial marketing game you can be highly confident these rules will change. […]

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Are Your Salespeople Going Too Far?

A simple way to increase the effectiveness of your industrial marketing is to make a company-wide commitment to bring value to every interaction you have with your prospects. This value must align with your strategy and position your company as knowledgeable, empathic, and caring. In addition, this value you bring grows over time as you […]

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A Follow Up Method That Works

In my one question industrial marketing survey that asks my subscribers what they consider to be their single biggest industrial marketing challenge a subscriber recently wrote, “How to pitch a sale and follow up without sounding desperate.” As I am sure all of you know desperation is not a good selling or follow up technique. […]

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