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Manufacturing CEOs And Strategy

You probably have heard the old statement about economists that goes like this, “If you put two economists in a room your will get four opinions.” Something similar can be said for senior executives when it comes to the manner in which they define their strategy. Ask two manufacturing CEOs to define strategy and you […]

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Differentiation Tips For Manufacturers

One of the three main generic choices available in establishing your competitive strategy is differentiation. Manufacturers who follow a competitive strategy of differentiation can perform their activities in a uniquely distinctive way that prospects highly value. Ultimately properly differentiated manufacturing companies can obtain a higher price for their products than their rivals that follow a […]

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Reducing Competition

Industrial marketing would be far simpler if there was no need to deal with those pesky and persistent competitors. Imagine a world filled with manufacturing companies, each with their own unique and unassailable monopolies. There would be no need for any kind of competitive advantage based on superior performance. There would be no need to […]

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