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Industrial Marketing And Lead Generation

Many industrial marketing professionals spend a great proportion of their time creating lead generation campaigns. After all, if nothing comes into the top of the sales funnel nothing will come out of the bottom. Because I am over 50 years old, I clearly remember the pre-internet days when lead generation for industrial companies was largely […]

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Direct Mail Sequences

Industrial marketing is a subject with many nuances. Spirited debate breaks out among industrial marketing practitioners about any number of strategies and tactics. Online versus offline, email versus social media, inbound marketing versus outbound marketing, cold calling versus warm calling, letters versus postcards, the list of contentious issues is virtually unlimited. One area of industrial […]

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Any industrial marketing professional knows, the movement towards online marketing promotional activities continues to grow. Whether you choose to utilize the latest marketing automation software, or are sticking to tried and true email marketing, online marketing continues to grow at an incredible rate. So in today’s wondrous world of online marketing is direct mail dead? […]

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