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A Back Panel Wiring System That Works

Manufacturing Wins Manufacturing CEO Interview Video: In this Manufacturing Wins interview Julien Gsell, of Satie North America discusses how he got into the manufacturing business, what panel builders need to look for in a back panel and wiring system, and what makes the Satie System different and beneficial.  The interview concludes with a great offer from […]

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The Power of Nemawashi

Manufacturing Wins Expert Interview Video: In this Manufacturing Wins interview Steve Bonacorsi, of International Standard For Lean Six Sigma, discusses the power of Nemawashi, a Japanese Lean technique to shape decision making and company direction. Adopting Nemawashi in your manufacturing company brings these benefits and makes for a a more effective and respectful work environment. The […]

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How Manufacturers Maximize Marketing Results

Manufacturing Wins Expert Interview Video: In this interview, I ask David Rose, the owner of C-Level Global, how manufacturers maximize marketing results by following a more coordinated and aligned structure in marketing and sales. This interview outlines the key causes of lackluster marketing and offers helpful suggestions. David can be reached at C-Level Global. Excerpt: David, in your […]

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