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The Biggest Enemy To Sales Success

The Biggest Enemy To Sales SuccessIn my industrial marketing consulting work I come across numerous time-worn excuses as to why salespeople can’t seem to meet or exceed their sales quotas. Now while the vast majority of salespeople I encounter are hardworking, well meaning, and likeable, many of them have the wrong idea about what is their biggest obstacle to sales success.

While all of us know that selling in today’s fast-paced marketplace can be challenging getting to know and understand the biggest enemy to sales success is the first step to closing more sales.

But first you need to avoid some of these common misconceptions.

The biggest enemy to sales success is not substandard salespeople. In my industrial marketing consulting activities I encounter numerous salespeople who are average at best but consistently outsell their more highly-trained counterparts.

The biggest enemy to sales success has little to do with the product being offered. Products of varying value and utility are being sold in enormous quantities this very minute.

The biggest enemy to sales success is not competition. There are many small companies out there with a good winning percentage against much larger competitors.

The biggest enemy to sales success is not price. Unless you are offering an undifferentiated commodity and trying to charge a massively premium price or are always selling to purchasing agents the lowest price is not imperative.

So what is the biggest enemy to sales success?

It is the status quo within the prospect’s company.

It is far easier for companies to either not change suppliers or to stick with their current substandard solutions. If you fail to realize this key factor you will seriously be limiting your rate of growth.

When designing your marketing and selling activities it is imperative that the earliest stages revolve around identifying and expanding the costs to your prospect by maintaining the status quo. Many of your prospects may never have considered there could be anything wrong with their current solution. It is your job to ensure they understand that as Ronald Reagan said “Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.” You need to show them there is a better way and you have it.

Other prospects are fearful of change as they have not had to change in the past. For them making a purchasing decision can be complicated and fear-inducing.  In that case your selling activities need to illustrate that you have a simple step by step method to guide them through their buying process. Reassure your prospects and make it easier for them to buy.