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Our premium application-only manufacturing CEO community is a private place for manufacturing CEOs, presidents, and company owners.

You can share content, communicate and collaborate with each other, build relationships, partner with each other, and give and get feedback on ideas, challenges, and goals.

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You'll still get great value from reading our discussions and watching  our videos.

In addition we feature cutting edge education from experts to help you thrive and meet your business objectives more easily.

You'll improve your strategy, leadership, operations, marketing, sales, finance, and personal performance by connecting with ambitious manufacturing CEOs, presidents, and company owners looking to get things accomplished.

Why Do We Ask For An Interview?

Because we want to have the right manufacturing CEOs in our private community, we have a short phone interview that must be completed for us to review before we'll extend an invitation for you to join.

This is done for three reasons.

Guarantees Privacy


By asking for an interview we keep our exclusive community private and tightly restricted to manufacturing CEOs, presidents, and manufacturing company owners.

Ensures A Good Fit


We only accept top quality members in Manufacturing Wins. The information provided during our interview ensures that each applicant will be a good fit for our community. 

Proves Participation


It's an indication you're serious about joining and will actively participate with other manufacturing CEOs in our community and help spark interest to  create a lively community. 

What You'll Find In Our Manufacturing CEO Community

Here are some of the activities you'll find in our private manufacturing CEO community.

  • Leadership Discussions
  • Strategy Discussions
  • Operations Discussions
  • Marketing Discussions
  • Sales Discussions
  • Finance  Discussions
  • Group Chat With CEOs
  • New Member Meetups
  • Group Call In Days/Office Hours
  • Direct Access To Experts
  • Ask An Expert Calls
  • CEO Level Short Videos
  • Webinars and Workshops
  • Live Events
  • Vendor Discounts

See If You Qualify

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To see if you qualify complete our short applications and schedule a 10 minute new member interview with us below. We'll find out more about you, your company, and answer any questions your might have about our private community.

If all sounds good we'll provide you with a demo of our community and a link you can use to sign up.

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Important: Before scheduling a new member phone interview please note you must be a manufacturing CEO, president, or manufacturing company owner.