How To Get At Least One Ideal Alliance Partner In 60 Days
Even If You Have No Experience

The Manufacturing Wins Alliance Service is for manufacturing executives who'd like an effective way to form alliances as a way of growing their revenues in less time with less cost and either don't know how, or don't have the time to do it.

We can show you how to form effective alliances or we can do it for you with our full turnkey option.


What's An Alliance?

An alliance is all about forming a mutually beneficial relationship with another company. The key point is mutually beneficial.

Mutual benefits usually revolve around creating new sources of revenue for both parties. When both the host and the beneficiary benefit the alliance prospers.


Why Would I Want An Alliance?

Alliances are a great way to build your company faster without spending a fortune on marketing, or having massive numbers of salespeople.

By leveraging other company's customer relationships in a totally ethical way you gain access to their markets as an endorsed supplier.


Is An Alliance The Best Way To Grow?

The advantage alliances offer you is the size of their networks and the high level of trust they've built with their customers.

The advantage you offer your alliance is the value your offerings bring to their customers and audiences.


So Why Not Form Alliances Myself?

You can go online and find out about the mechanics of forming alliances, do it yourself, and just might succeed. 

There are many nuances that must be understood to make them effective. We know how to make alliances work.

Our Alliance Service is done with a combination of Zoom Meetings, email, and phone calls.

It requires no onsite visits and is effective anywhere in the world.

Want to Determine If Alliances Would Be
A Good Way To Grow Your Manufacturing Company?

If you want to know more about alliances and how they might be a good way to grow profitable revenues in your manufacturing company with less expense and in less time then let's talk!  

I've personally (and helped my manufacturing clients) form successful alliances with companies of all sizes from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Contact me using the button below and schedule a time for a Strategy Session to see if I can help you out.