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Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program And Earn Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Manufacturing Wins is the leading membership site for manufacturers. We know that personal referrals are the best way to grow our membership. We've put together an program to reward members who help us get the word out.

How it Works

Join the Manufacturing Wins Affiliate Program. Once you join you'll gain access to your own referral links and banner ads that you can email out or put on your site. We'll provide you with sample emails and banners you can use to make it easy.

Both the person you refer and you benefit when they sign up to become a paid member.

What Your Referral gets From You

Any new member who signs up as a result of your referral link gets the following lifetime discount courtesy of you.

VIP Membership Level = $50 per month lifetime discount.

What You get From us

When you send a customer to Manufacturing Wins, you'll be paid the following lifetime recurring commission on all their payments.

VIP Membership Level = $30 per month referral fee for all their payments forever.

So each new VIP Member you refer who remains a paid member for 12 months means you'll get $360 

Payments are made through PayPal and are paid monthly (you'll need a PayPal Account).

Become An Affiliate Now

There's no cost or obligation to get started. We'll send you instructions to make it all easy.