Tired Of Wasting Time Looking For The Right Answers?

As A Manufacturing CEO You Know The Following Is True

It’s tiring constantly trying to find the information you need to help you make important decisions that are critical to the success of your manufacturing company.

There are three major problems you face:

First, there's an overwhelming amount of information you need to review to stay on top of your job.

Second, a lot of time is wasted searching for information that, when found, is often too general or doesn’t apply to your unique problem and goals.

Third, it’s very time consuming sorting through the contradictions found within the information you find to determine what’s real and should be acted upon.

Going It Alone

The Problem Is You Don't Have A Private Place To Go To Save Time
By Getting The Right Answers Faster 

There's no private place available to you where you can join other manufacturing CEOs and experts to help each other come up with the right answers to solve your unique problems and meet your most ambitious goals faster.

Now  you do...

Manufacturing Wins offers manufacturing CEOs a private community where they go to improve:





Personal Development


Because we only admit manufacturing CEOs, you have a  place you can go to discuss challenges, goals, achievements, and more with your peers and experts who:

  • Understand what it's really like being a manufacturing CEO.
  • Have already "been there done that" and can provide you a shortcut to better results.
  • Are willing to help to share your burden of decision making and personal change.
  • Want to help each other succeed.

Join Action-Oriented  Manufacturing CEOs Who Want The Right Information
To Make The Best Business Decisions With Greater Confidence In Less Time

Our private community  is a private place where you connect and collaborate to continuously improve your manufacturing company. You can  interact with other manufacturing CEOs at any time that works for you as often as you like, 24/7.

Whether you have hours a day or minutes a month to participate you'll:

  • Make better decisions with greater confidence with the right answers from the right people in one place. 
  • Save hours of time each month by finding the answers you need in one place.
  • Find the ideas you need to solve problems, meet goals, and take your company to the next level.

Here's a sample of what's in our community.

Public Conversations

Members of our community participate in organized discussions to get the right answers from the right people to reach their goals and solve their challenges faster. You can participate in conversations publicly or, if you prefer, you can simply read conversations. All conversations are searchable so you can find the answers you need fast.

Private Conversations

Our private chat allows you to have conversations with one to 50 other CEOs in complete privacy. It's an ideal way to: make deals, coach each other, make introductions, get together with friends and associates, and get the word out about your latest brainwave.

Expert Advice And Education

While the focus of our community is about sharing common interests, we also feature content from experts geared to manufacturing CEOs that will help you learn and implement new skills. This includes webinars, workshops, call in days, live events, summits and more all geared to maximizing your effectiveness as a manufacturing CEO.

Buying Group

Manufacturing Wins members become part of the Manufacturing Wins Buying Group. You'll get discounts on a wide variety of products and services from hand-picked suppliers for your manufacturing company.

If you're the kind of manufacturing CEO who likes being part of a community and making important business decisions faster and with greater confidence, then our private Manufacturing Wins Manufacturing CEO Community is the right place for you.  Schedule a time to talk to find out more.

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