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Manufacturing Wins Membership Site

Manufacturing Wins Membership Site

For Manufacturing Executives Obsessed With Improvement

Manufacturing Wins Membership Site

What's It All About?

The Manufacturing Wins Membership Site helps manufacturing executives learn how to maximize margins and profitable revenues by improving their operations, marketing, selling, and personal performance.

It's also a private community for manufacturing executives where they can collaborate, explore opportunities, and make deals.

Who Becomes A Member?

Our members are:

  • Manufacturing CEOs/presidents or company owners
  • Senior level operations executives (COO, VP Operations, Operations Manager, Plant Manager)
  • Senior level level marketing executives (CMO, VP Marketing, Marketing Manager)
  • Senior level sales executives (CSO, VP Sales, Sales Manager)

Manufacturing Wins Membership Site
Manufacturing Wins Membership Site

General Benefits

Becoming a member of our premium membership site is a great choice for manufacturing executives interested in:

 1. Optimizing operations to improve margins.

 2. Maximizing marketing effectiveness to create more highly-qualified sales opportunities.

 3. Improving sales techniques to convert more opportunities into delighted customers.

4. Enhancing their personal performance and overall well-being.

What's Inside The Manufacturing Wins Membership Site?

Member Discounts

As a member you'll get access to discounts from our hand-picked tightly screened vendors and members. This allows you to buy with confidence and save money.

Our member discounts will far exceed your investment in our Manufacturing Wins Membership Site. 

Manufacturing Wins Forum

As a member you'll get full access to our Manufacturing Wins Forum.

This forum is the heart of our manufacturing community where you can go for full and frank discussions on a wide variety of manufacturing topics.

It's a secure and dynamic place you can go to collaborate, mentor, get mentored, make deals, and discuss issues (in complete confidence) with your peers and expert contributors and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Webinars, Workshops, Ask an Expert Calls, Summits, Masterminds and More

COMING SOON: As we continue to grow and develop we'll be featuring a wide variety of ways our members can learn the latest most effective techniques to improve their operations, marketing, selling and personal performance. We have lots in the works.

Manufacturing Executive Video Interviews

We interview leading executives in the manufacturing industry to help you optimize performance in your manufacturing company.

They might be CEOs, operations, marketing, or sales executives. All of them have a good story to tell and provide you with insight.

These interviews provide you with the knowledge to improve your performance and will inspire you to keep going.

Every video interview is recorded and added to the member's area so you can watch it later or watch it again.

Manufacturing Expert video Interviews

We have video interviews with the top operations, marketing, and sales experts to discuss what's working today to take manufacturing companies to the next level.

Some are authors, some are subject matter experts, some offer industry-changing technological solutions.

All are getting fantastic results and are willing to share them with Manufacturing Wins members.

If your aim is to use best practices to grow the efficiencies in your manufacturing company in less time then these interviews will help you to get to where you want to go.

Every video interview is recorded and added to the member's area so you can watch it later or watch it again.

Sample Interview Clips

Below you'll find some brief interview clips to give you a flavor of what we're doing.

Plenty more coming as we get things rolling.

Everything You Need To Master Operations, Marketing, Selling,
And Yourself In One Place

There's no end to the free information on the web. It's everywhere. But it's very time consuming to find it. And when you do find it how do you know if it's good information or if it might lead you the wrong way? We've sifted and sorted information so you don't have to. It's presented to you in our Manufacturing Wins Membership Site.

How You'll Benefit From Becoming A Member

  • Save time with the right information available in one well-organized place
  • Collaborate, mentor, get mentored, discuss opportunities, and make deals in a private community
  • Reduce effort by getting on the right path to maximize your manufacturing company without costly trial and error
  • Transform your manufacturing company in a positive way
  • Increase margins and efficiencies by learning from the best operations minds in manufacturing
  • Generate more ideal sales leads at less cost following advice from marketing experts
  • Improve closing rates by learning best ways of optimizing your salespeople
  • Take your manufacturing company from where it is to where you want it to be

Reaching the next level doesn't have to be a struggle. Join the Manufacturing Wins Community and maximize your manufacturing company.

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