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For Manufacturing CEOs Who Want Greater Business And Personal Achievement

Many manufacturing CEOs say it's lonely at the top. They're expected to see clearly into the future and have no place to go to:

1. Share the burden of constantly making difficult decisions.

2. Easily interact with other manufacturing CEOs who truly understand the unique challenges of manufacturing.

3. Give and get problem-solving insights in a totally private community exclusively for manufacturing CEOs.

Manufacturing Wins offers manufacturing CEOs a private community where they can go to optimize their business and personal lives.  

Because we only admit manufacturing CEOs, they have a place they can go to safely discuss challenges, goals, achievements, and more with their peers who have "been there done that."

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - Jim Rohn

Manufacturing Wins

How We Help Manufacturing CEOs

Manufacturing Wins helps manufacturing CEOs transform their companies by improving their operations, marketing, sales, and personal performance. 

Our principle way of helping manufacturing CEOs achieve more is through our Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind Groups.

These groups provide a way for to interact with like-minded manufacturing CEOs and discuss ways to improve business and personal performance. 

Who Joins Our Manufacturing Wins CEO Masterminds?

Our Manufacturing CEO Mastermind Groups are exclusively for manufacturing CEOs/presidents or company owners.

These groups are a confidential place where you can go to discuss your wins, goals, and problems with a group of your peers.

Mastermind group members are encouraged to participate, brainstorm, challenge one another, offer their perspectives, and help each other reach their goals through accountability.

Manufacturing Wins

How Our Manufacturing Wins CEO Masterminds Work 

step 1

You Join A Group 

You'll be put into a small group (usually 8 members) of manufacturing CEOs and participate in a two-hour Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind Group meeting once a month. 

step 2

Your Challenges Are Discussed

You'll share your business and personal challenges or goals with your Manufacturing CEO Mastermind Group. Each Group is formed on the basis of mutual respect so you can speak freely without feeing anxious.

step 3

Your Challenges Are Solved

The Group will brainstorm new ideas and help to get your challenges solved (they may well have solved your challenge before) or give you the shortest route to meeting your goals.

step 4

You're Held Accountable

You'll be asked to make a commitment to the Group about the one major thing you'll get done before the next meeting. You'll be held accountable so you'll need to get it finished.

All Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind Group meetings are online so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

We facilitate these online meetings which are well-structured, provide equal opportunity for every member, and start and end on time.

Got Questions?

Take a minute to get answers to your questions about our Manufacturing CEO Mastermind Groups by reading our FAQs below.

What Else Do You Get By Joining A 
Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind?

Private Manufacturing CEO Community

As a Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind member you get access to our exclusive private community where you can communicate with like-minded manufacturing CEOs, 24/7.

You can: instantly chat, collaborate online, exchange thoughts, get and give answers to questions, participate in expert ask me anything (AMA) sessions (or view recorded ones), and post polls to get input on your latest ideas and solutions to your latest challenges.

It's also a great place to expand your network, send private messages, and make deals.

All of this and more is included in our Manufacturing CEO Community. 

Expert Webinars 

Every Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind member is provided with access to live and recorded webinars to learn the latest most effective techniques to improve their operations, marketing, sales, and personal performance from the top experts in these fields. 

Ask an Expert Calls

Another great way to improve performance in your manufacturing company is through getting answers to your most pressing questions from experts.

During our ask an an expert calls you can call in and get the specific answers you need to optimize your operations, marketing, sales, and personal performance.

Member Discounts

Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind Group members get access to discounts from our hand-picked tightly screened vendors.

This allows you to buy with confidence and save money.

How You'll Benefit From Joining A
Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind

Joining a Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. 


  •  Generate new business ideas (you may never have considered before) as a result of being in the group
  • Build your profits by learning how to improve your business in the fastest most effective ways
  • Save time with help available from manufacturing CEOs who've been there done that
  • Help others and make a contribution
  • Collaborate, mentor, get mentored, discuss opportunities, and make deals in a private community
  • Reduce effort by getting on the right path to maximize your manufacturing company without costly trial and error
  • Take your manufacturing company from where it is to where you want it to be
  • Create new, powerful, and long-lasting connections
  • Brainstorm new ideas with each other to eliminate obstacles and take your business to the next level
  • Better and more confident decision making with the support of your fellow group members
  • Increased creativity from the group when you're looking for that next great idea or want one validated
  • Create alliances, partnerships, cross-promotions, and deals with group members
  • Think bigger by being surrounded by other big thinkers in your group
  • Get new perspectives from others that help you grow as a business leader and a person
  • Expand your skill set. Group members all have different skills that you'll pick up on

Find Out More About A Manufacturing CEO Mastermind

Membership in a Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind is by application-only.

The first step is to schedule a call where we'll briefly discuss our Manufacturing Wins CEO Mastermind Groups and see if joining would be right for you.

To get started click on the orange button and schedule a time to talk.

Note: Before you apply please note you must be a manufacturing CEO/president/company owner.

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